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Fundamental of Metasploit Framework

The course is packed full of hacking techniques that will help you to enhance your skills and give you a clear understanding of how the Metasploit Framework works.

The target audience of Fundamental of Metasploit Framework are Cyber Security enthusiasts, system admins, Penetration Testers, Ethical Hackers and indeed anyone with an interest in IT Security. You are expexted to know the basics of penetration testing but a quick read of a book or two and you will be prepared! You will have to also have knowledge about virtual machines, Windows operating system and UNIX and it would be plus if you have experience and knowledge about Ruby but do not worry if you do not.

  • Penetration Testing Execution Standard
  • Metasploit Exploitation Modules
  • Metasploit Post-Exploitation Modules
  • Metasploit Information Gathering Modules
  • Exploit Development with Metasploit
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    Offline Courses:

    Fundamental of System Security

    In this course, I teach and introduced you with different aspects of computer security exosystem. In this course, we are going to discuss about Penetration Testing Execution Standard Phases, Information Reconissance and Information Analysis, Threat or Target Modeling, Vulnerability Analysis and Exploit Development, Malware Analysis, Web Security and Web Hacking, Mobile Security and Mobile Hacking, Industrial Control System Security and Hacking. This course introduced you with air gap attacks and a lot of other advanced subjects.

  • Basics of Hacking and Security Terminology
  • Basics of Penetration Testing Phases
  • Information Gathering and Threat Modeling
  • Software-based Vulnerability Exploitation
  • Web-based Vulnerability Exploitation
  • Malicious Software Analysis and Investigation
  • Industrial Control Systems Hacking and Security
  • Embedded System and PLC Security
  • -- Address: [Mahmood Abad, Oil Industry Training Center]

    Fri Oct 20, 2017 23:26 pm