Milad Kahsari Alhadi Website

My name is Milad Kahsari Alhadi. It's a persian name that natively written as میلاد کهساری الهادی.

I am a huge System Security and Military Systems enthusiast and I have been researching topics for them since 2008. Also, I have got passion learning natural languages like Russian, German, and Italian so I pay part of the time studying them. Nevertheless, I am interested in research on following topics:

  • # Missile Systems
  • # Electronic Warfare
  • # Object-Detection System
  • # Software Model Checking
  • # Software Runtime Verification
  • # Software Vulnerability Research
  • # Application (Binary) Synthesis-Analysis
  • # Embedded (IOT && PLC) Systems Security
  • # Reliable and Weaponized Exploit Development

... and of course, investigating the disassembly yields with an enthusiasm.

  • Bachelor:
    • # Software Engineering
    • @ Islamic Azad University, Golestan, Azadshahr, Iran
  • Associate:
    • # Software Engineering
    • @ Shahid Chamran University, Golestan, Goorgan, Iran
Teaching / Courses:
  1. Industrial Control System Security and Hacking:
    • # In this course, we are going to discuss Penetration Testing Execution Standard Phases, Information Reconnaissance and Analysis, Threat or Target Modeling, Vulnerability Analysis and Exploit Development, Malware Analysis and also ICS Security and Hacking. Nevertheless, the main focus of this course is on the Industrial and Embedded Systems. All topics have been discussed based on ICS hacking scenario.
  2. Penetration Testing with Metasploit Framework:
    1. # In this course, we are going to discuss Penetration Testing with Metasploit Framework and other most effective open-source or commercial tools. The course is packed full of hacking techniques that will help you to enhance your skills and give you a clear understanding of how the Metasploit Framework works and How you can use it to penetrate a networking infrastructure.
Projects I develop / Maintain:
  1. Human: A simple operating system for embedded devices and arm processor.
  2. Mind: An object-oriented and thought-oriented programming language.
  3. IFC: Iranian Fuzzer Cheetah is a security oriented tool that can be used for automate vulnerability analysis (Currently, It's private.).
  4. Shellcoder: It's a simple tool for extracting opcode/shellcode from a PIC executable.
  5. Sandes: It's a simple tool that written in C-Win32 that can be used to detect sandbox environment.