Milad Kahsari Alhadi Website

My name is Milad Kahsari Alhadi. It's a persian name that natively written as میلاد کهساری الهادی.

I am a computer science student and a part-time Security Consultant in Kashef Banking Security Governance. I am a huge System Security enthusiast and I have been researching about Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Automated Exploit Generation, Vulnerability Analysis, Secure Communication, Embedded-PLC Systems Security and Malicious Software Synthesis-Analysis since 2008.

Furthermore I have got passion learning natural languages like Russian, Arabic, Italian, and Esperanto so I spend part of the time investigating them. Also, I am interested in the philosophy of science and creation goal. I randomly share my thoughts in Twitter and my daily life events and my hobby photography experience in Instagram (Photos taken by iPhone 8 Plus).

However, Here is my new home, it is completely a personal place and is not related to any organization, it's just a virtual place associated to me. A place which I can share my researchs and my daily life events. Also I have got a blog and I would like to post on occasionally.

  • Bachelor:
    • Software Engineering
    • Islamic Azad University, Golestan, Azadshahr, Iran
  • Associate:
    • Software Engineering
    • Shahid Chamran University, Golestan, Goorgan, Iran
  • Current Research:
    • Automated Software Testing
    • Project: Iranian Fuzzer Cheetah

  • Research Interest:
    • Mathematics
    • Runtime Verification
    • Software Model Checking
    • Automated Software Testing
    • Software Vulnerability Research
    • Embedded (IOT) Systems Security
    • Programable Logic Controllers Security
    • Application (Binary) Synthesis-Analysis
    • Reliable and Weaponized Exploit Development
  • Enhance Security of ICS Systems with Virtualization and Hypervisors
  • SHA-1 Vulnerability Impact on Secure Communication Ecosystem
Teaching / Courses:
  • Fundamental of Metasploit Framework: The course is packed full of hacking techniques that will help you to enhance your skills and give you a clear understanding of how the Metasploit Framework works.
  • Fundamental of ICS Security and Hacking: In this course, we are going to discuss about Penetration Testing Execution Standard Phases, Information Reconissance and Analysis, Threat or Target Modeling, Vulnerability Analysis and Exploit Development, Malware Analysis and also ICS Security and Hacking.
Projects I develop / Maintain:
  • Human: A simple operating system for embedded devices and arm processor.
  • Mind: An object-oriented and thought-oriented programming language.
  • IFC: Iranian Fuzzer Cheetah is a security oriented tool that can be used for automate vulnerability analysis (Currently, It's private.).
  • Shellcoder: It's a simple tool for extracting opcode/shellcode from a PIC executable.
  • Sandes: It's a simple tool that written in C-Win32 that can be used to detect sandbox environment.
  • Cuckins: Cuckins is a tool that designed to install and configure cuckoo sandbox automatically.
Projects either I contribute to or following:
  • Metasploit: It's an exploitation framework.
  • Radare2: unix-like reverse engineering framework and commandline tools.
  • Angr: The next-generation binary analysis platform from UC Santa Barbara's Seclab!
  • Wordpress: WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.
My Heros: